If you want to hear a song that doesn't exist yet, you should write it yourself. That's what I've always believed about music — about any art form, really. I didn't choose to become a musician. I was just sick of never hearing the songs I wanted to hear. So I wrote those songs. And now I can't stop writing them. Music is a chaotic, throat-grabbing, beautiful art; and I can't get enough of it.




Indie singer/songwriter Abbie Emmons, who goes by the stage name Abbiee, was born in 1997 in the snowy woods of Vermont. Since she was 8 years old, Emmons has been composing music on her family's piano, scribbling in notebooks, and stubbornly deviating from the rules. She has a passionate love for creating art rebelliously — writing from her heart and soul, not from a book. Abbiee considers herself blessed to be "unschooled" in the art of music and songwriting.

Abbiee has likened her style to a mashup of Florence + The Machine, Adele, and Sleeping At Last. Her genre follows no boundaries, swerving effortlessly from hauntingly intimate vocals and cathedral-sized orchestral arrangements, to lighthearted ukulele covers with clappy percussion.

In the spring of 2015, Abbiee's debut single, Mirror Girl, was released. Since then she has published 4 more singles and hopes to drop her first EP (including 5 brand new originals) in fall of 2018.

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